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Oh shit I forgot I had one of these.

Oh well lol

Purge? Who's that?

Ah Purge. The villain mostly known for his ability to pelvic thrust. But despite that, people don't know much about him. 

In fact, that's a question I get a lot: "Who's Purge?" 
Well, instead of telling them to bug off and go look up info about him like any other person would, I decided to help out and maybe have people stop asking me this question.  Isn't that nice of me?

Part 1: Just who is this guy? What does he do?

Being the leader of the Rhythm Rogues, Purge deploys his robots to abduct people from all over the galaxy with the intent of harnessing their groove energy. Doing so will allow him to complete his superweapon, the Ballistic Groove Gun, and hypnotize the entire galaxy into dancing with him. Purge believes he's been given a holy mission to lead the brutish and unhappy masses of the galaxy to the heavens by dancing.
How does he do this? What kind of things does he do in the game? Well if I told you that, I'd be spoiling some of the game for you. Go check it out on YouTube, or better yet, play the game for yourself.

Part 2: What's he like? 

Purge has an extremely playful, almost childlike, personality. It's rare for him to take anything seriously, and he considers everything to be a game, including life or death situations.
When pushed enough, however, Purge shows an entirely different personality from what the player is used to. He becomes sadistic, cunning, manipulative, and is willing to kill anybody to get what he wants.
Purge knows nothing about friendship, love, or empathy.

Wait, so that means-
Yep. Purge can't fall in love, no matter what the fanfics try to tell you.

Part 3: But he only appeared in one game. Why is he so popular?

Why is Ulala popular? It's mostly the fanservice potential. Yes, people state that they love her for her personality and upbeat attitude, but three quarters of the time? They're mostly drawing her in kinky situations.
It's the same with Purge. He can also be used for fanservice potential. In fact, the game actually LETS you put him in a fanservice moment by having him as a playable character. Add some tentacles, and...

You know it's made in Japan when it has tentacles involved.

As for him only appearing in one game, that's not true. He appeared in his own Cell Phone game that was only released in Japan. It showed that he was still alive, and sent him on an adventure.

The title of this game? 

Purge's Punishment Show.

More fanservice, right there.

So if you're lured into the series by Purge and his pelvic thrusting, check out the game and see what other things he does in his plan to take over the galaxy. You might be pleasently surprised.
And with Space Channel 5 Part 2 getting an HD release for the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this year, there hasn't been a better time to check out this game for yourself.

Yes, I was bored and had nothing better to do but write this.

So, 2011 eh?


I'm not normally one to do New Year's Resolutions, since I have a hard time keeping them. Yet this year, I decided what the heck and made one anyways.

This year, I plan on participating in Adachi Week. Anyone who doesn't know what that is, look it up.
Seeing as both Adachi and Purge both have a birthday in February (if you count the fanbase making Valentine's Day as Purge's Birthday), don't be too shocked if you see Purge in at least one of my submissions.

So yeah, Happy New Year guys.

Also, why doesn't Space Channel 5 have a Kink Meme yet?
N-Not that I'm into that sort of thing!

Over there! A distraction!

Yeah, no new updates on my comic yet, the reason being that I'm in that akward phase of changing art styles.

So until then, here's some art I've been doing lately. Sorry if the files are really big!

Also, I'm working on my own Creepypasta. Expect info on it when I figure it out.

Concept: The Main Character

If any of you have been stalking my DA, you'll know that I recently linked you to here. That's because I'm thinking about doing a fancomic. I'll only be releasing concepts here, not DA. And as I said: I won't be telling you about when I update here on DA.

With that, we have the first concept. The Main Character of the comic: Purge. These images are pretty big, I won't lie.

Here it is.

Normally, a main character is supposed to be loved. You're supposed to root for him. So what happens when you make the main character the villain in a comic where others are trying to stop him? Looks like I'm about to find out.

So this is a Livejournal, eh?

Don't see anything special about it, but I could use it for a bit.
So, I could post art here for a while until I get bored with this! Yeah, sounds like a fabulous idea!  Granted, I start by posting a pretty bad work...